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Only pay for the links you get. No Retainer.
Quality-Assured Links Only.

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3 main benefits of using
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Performance Based

We believe in fairness so you only pay for the links you get. On top of that – links are priced based on their authority (Ahrefs DR). So you never overpay at any point.

No Retainer

Retainers are only fair for the agency – never for clients. So we got rid of them. You give us a maximum budget and we try to hit it. If not – you pay less.
Cancel at any time.

Real Human-Centered Outreach

We are old-school so we talk to people (yes, really). We build relationships that turn into links for you. So you can focus on making money.

How we build links

We analyse your site’s existing content for linkable assets, audience size and link potential. We also consult you on topics for future linkable assets if necessary. We develop a content promotion plan aiming for a constant stream of links.

We will never build links from non-relevant sites. We find relevant sites that talk about topics that matter to you. Relevance is key.

We handle all communication with site owners, negotiate placements and make sure everything meets your quality standards. All you need to do is watch your links grow in your real-time reporting dashboard.

Real World Results For Our Clients

Link Building Results for an E-Commerce Company in the Health Space

What our client say about us

“If I was going to hire an agency to build links, would be my first port of call.”
Mark Webster Authority Hacker
Mark Webster
Founder - Authority Hacker
“One of the (very) few link building services I can rely on for genuine white-hat links from quality, authoritative domains. Highly recommend.”
Lewis Parrot
The Backlink Guy

Why work with us

We believe in a “customer first” approach, transparency and providing real value. So we built an agency that reflects these values.

Pay only for what you get

We never really liked the traditional agency model of retrainers since it only really benefits the agency but not the client. So we got rid of retainers.

With us you only pay for the links we built this month. We use a tiered pricing model based on Ahref’s Domain Rating (DR) metric.

We invoice you at the end of the month after all links have been discussed and cleared with you. Simple and fair.

Get real time reporting

Want to watch our progress as we go?

We value transparency so we made it easy for you to see behind the curtain.

Just log in to your very own reporting dashboard to get real time updates of which links have been confirmed for this month, how much of your budget has been used and much more.

We build these links for you so you should be able to see what is going on.

Powerful, Quality Assured Links

We earn great links to great content while maintaining a natural link profile. All links we build are quality checked (no google penalty, no PBN).

If a link doesn’t meet our quality standards it won’t be added to your report and you won’t be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a tiered pricing model based on the Domain Rating (DR) metric by Ahrefs. Links from sites with a lower DR are cheaper. Links from sites with a high DR cost a bit more.

All costs for content writing or placement costs are already priced in.

This ensures that you never overpay for a link. At the end of the month we invoice you for the cumulative amount.

That’s it. No retainers, no management fees. You only pay for the links we actually built for you.

No, there are no additional costs.

The only “additional” costs is a setup deposit of $1000 that you have to pay before we get started.

We treat this as a down payment, so we will deduct the $1000 from your first invoice and will only start charging for links once the value of the links we have built exceeds $1000.

It very much depends on the industry you are in. Overall we aim for natural in-content link placements.

The amount of links you can earn per month is mostly determined by 2 factors: your budget and the strength of the link (measured in DR).

We usually aim for a good mix but it varies. While one month ends with a high amount of links from low to mid DR sites, the next month can result in a few links from premium, high DR sites.

Talk to us if you would like us to adjust the mix and we can plan accordingly.

While our main focus is organic outreach, we do get the occasional response that asks for a placement fee. This is especially true in certain niches that mainly monetise this way.

We only pay these fees if we believe the link is worth it and it has passed our quality assurance criteria.

You always have the option to tell us to focus on organic placements only and we will decline all offers if we receive them.

While we don’t work with retainers we only work with clients who have a minimum of $5,000 per month to spend on links.

Now to be clear – this doesn’t mean that you gonna spend $5,000 each month. If we don’t build links worth $5,000 then you will just pay the amount the links are worth based on our tiered pricing.

But it gives us a good incentive to build links to max out your budget while providing you with a number to plan (we try to stay as close to this number as possible) and the certainty that you will only pay for the links we actually build.


We strictly focus on building links because we believe that specialising leads to better performance and happier clients.

We are happy to recommend reliable agencies who can support you in your SEO needs not related to link building though.

Interested in working with us?