Customers who are Spearheading a new way of link building with us

We build links that Closely align with Google's own quality guidelines

Get more organic traffic & leads by adopting a new way of link building.

The old days of link building are over

Old tactics like anchor text optimization, private blog networks or low quality link farms are no longer working.

These tactics will either become more and more ineffective or get your site penalized.

Google is getting smarter

The rise of AI has changed the game of link building. Google has made it clear that it prioritizes the end user experience and will actively fight tactics that are trying to manipulate search results.

The future belongs to those who follow a people first content and link building approach.

Relevancy first wins

Publishers, businesses and link builders need to align their incentives with Google by focusing on the end user.

We find the highest quality, relevant link opportunities for our customers on sites that Google loves.

Sustainably Get More Organic Leads with the highest quality, Hyper-relevant links

The old days of link building are over. Gone are the days of outdated strategies like over-optimizing anchor texts, only building one type of link or only linking to your money pages.

We are rethinking link building in a new way. A way that is more sustainable and offers steady, high quality links from the most authoritative websites on the planet.

Google is getting consistently smarter - trying to outsmart it is a fools game.

Instead - let Google help you grow your business by giving it what it wants. Links & content that help their users.

That's why we focus heavily on natural, diversified backlink profiles. Optimized for relevancy, user experience and vetted by real editors before getting placed on a site.

Trevor Larson - CEO - NectarHR

"The results with dofollow have been incredible. From organic traffic we went from booking zero demos a month to now over 50 a month. I can't speak highly enough about the dofollow team and the amazing work that they've done."

Trevor Larson


Become the industry Leader and Outperform your competition with our in-depth competitor analysis

Are your competitors outperforming you in search? Do they get links you wish you could just steal from them?

Now you can! Our in-depth competitor analysis process will take your competitors apart, will identify their best link sources and "steal" their best links.

That way you are not only getting links from the best sites on the web but also those, that are helping your competitor to rank.

On one hand we are leveling the playing field while simultaneously supercharging your site with user centered links to outperform your competitors.

Remove yourself from the day to day of link building while we increase your rankings.

We get it - you are busy. As afounder or B2B marketing leader focused on growing your business there are a myriad of things that need to get done.

So why spend your time managing an in-house link builder you need to train and make sure to keep up to date with this fast paced industry when you could work with our team of industry experts?

We take care of strategy, link placements, quality assurance, reporting and all those myriad of details that would distract you from focusing on the big picture of growing your business.

We are a team of industry veterans with 15+ years of experience building the highest quality links you have ever seen. On sites where the thought leaders in your industry get their information from.

"Dofollow is our secret weapon to improve our backlink profile, so we can rank better, drive more traffic, and in turn drive more revenue."

Sam Shepler


Why We Are Great to Work With

We stand for high-quality links that Google loves to consistently grow your organic traffic. But we are also human and live by values that matter to us.


Always know what is going on with real-time reporting, your personal account manager and a client friendly pricing model without lockins.

Link Quality

Our strict quality assurance process and our editorial-first approach assure premium links that help you outrank your competition.


Use our client portal to talk directly with your personal account manager. Short response times guaranteed!


We build links that are relevant to YOUR website. We find new opportunities for you every day instead of just reusing lists or old opportunities.


We take a client-first approach. No lock-ins, no contracts. Cancel anytime and only pay for links we actually built.


We own your project like your best employee would. We take care of everything, communicate proactively and make sure all you need to do is to check your report at the end of the month.

Case Study


We took this website from zero traffic to 40,000 traffic per month.

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The results with dofollow have been incredible. From organic traffic we went from booking zero demos a month to now over 50 a month. I can't speak highly enough about the dofollow team and the amazing work that they've done.

Trevor Larson
Nectar, Co-Founder & CEO
From 0 to 50 Demos Booked per Month

Ready to get started?

Book a strategy call and learn why we outperform most other agencies. Ask all the questions you have, discover why user centered link building is the risk-free way to build higher quality links and how it will help you grow your organic traffic sustainably.

User centric link building yields the best links.

What Our Clients Have To Say

The quality of links we got from dofollow's journalist outreach was outstanding.

Vishal Mavadia -CEO, RapidVisas

Vishal Mavadia

CEO, RapidVisas

Working with DoFollow has been a delight. It's completely hands-off (once the initial onboarding and set-up are done).

Andre Zayarni, CEO - Qdrant

Sumit Bansal

Affiliate Site Owner

If you want to build a backlink profile that includes more than just your standard niche sites or HARO placements, pull the trigger on

Mark Webster, Founder -

David Wurst

Small Business Owner

100's of happy clients

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What Will I Get For My Money?

Good question. The obvious answer is - great links. By great we mean:

  • From a high quality website
  • With a high authority (DR)
  • That is topically relevant to what you are talking about
  • With relevant traffic from countries you are targeting
  • Without any spammy content
  • That is not a link farm, PBN etc.
  • That has an actual editorial process before publishing content (again, quality!)

That was the obvious answer. Now let's talk about what is not so obvious (but even more important).

You will get:

  • Peace of mind: We are incentivised to keep you around. You stick around because you love the links we build, not because of a contract (we don't have lock-ins). So our sole focus is to build the best links you have ever seen that won't put your brand at risk. We do all the quality assurance and treat your business like it is ours so you can sleep soundly at night.
  • Time: You don't have to manage us. We are professionals who have been in this industry for years. All you need to do is to check your report once in a while. We do the rest so you can focus on what is important to you and your business.
  • Expertise & experience: If you had to undergo heart surgery, would you hire a random person from the street or the best heart surgeon you could find? Exactly. We are the equivalent of a heart surgeon. We just operate on the open heart of your site. We have done this before. Many times. And we know what we are doing. Let us take care of you and we will make sure you can not only keep running the marathon of business. You can outperform everyone else.

There is a lot more you will get that is less visible and it is easy to focus on metrics only. Let's jump on a call and talk. It is the fastest way to see if we are a good fit for eachother.


What does success look like?

Before we outline how we see success let's be transparent here. Growing organic traffic is not only dependent on great links. If your technical SEO is flawed or your content isn't keyword optimised, the best links won't help you.

That said what we want to see for you and all our clients is a few things:

  • A steady increase in organic traffic (and your KPIs like "demos booked")
  • Your site is beginning to catch up or even outrank your competitors in relevant search terms
  • Organic traffic is beginning to play a larger role in your organisation and is helping to reduce customer acquisition costs from other channels

Again, this is a team sport! You will have to do your part (content, tech) or this won't work. We provide the rocket fuel. You will have to bring the rocket.

How we work

What do I need to bring to the table in order to work with you?

We don't work with everyone. In fact, we say no roughly 70% of the time. For one simple reason. The one determining factor if we are a good fit is - mindset.Sure, you need to have a content strategy in place and you need to either publish regularly or already have a solid backlog of content on your site. But even then, mindset is what makes the difference.

Why mindset? Because we don't follow the old ways of link building. Where anchor text ratios and over-optimisation was a game people loved to play, convinced they could outsmart Google.Shocker - you can't. Not for long anyway. And we only work with people who have a long term mindset.

So what are we looking for in an ideal client?We believe in building links in a natural way. In links that are highly relevant to target and source page context. So ultimately links that make sense for the end user. Because that is who Google is optimizing for and so should you.

That means taking a more organic approach. Building links to relevant informational content instead of money pages only. To give editors control over anchor texts instead of stuffing your own "ideal keyword" in a place where it doesn't make sense.

Ultimately it means giving up a bit of control.Sounds scary? Yes it does! But thats how we get the really great links.Ask yourself this - if you were an editor of a major website (think Forbes etc.) - would you even consider adding a link that is not contextually relevant to the article you are writing? No? Exactly! So why force it?

Link building is all about the right mindset. Book a call and let's chat.

How we work

Can we see your list of sites you can build links on?

No, and here is why. Many agencies and freelancers recycle old opportunities by building huge lists of sites on which they sell placements over and over again. We get it. It's easy - but also dangerous.

The easier it is to get a link on a website, the more people will do it and the more obvious it is for Google to spot backlink profile manipulation.We focus on finding new, unused opportunities for all our clients. We do the hard work so you don't have to. And so you can sleep soundly at night without worrying about a possible penalty.

How we work

What Link Building Strategies Do You Use?

We believe that building a natural, diversified backlink profile is the only way to guarantee long term growth without getting penalised. Therefore we use a wide range of strategies which all yield very different types of links. While HARO might get you powerful links to your homepage, guest posts can build links to deeper pages on your site and so on.

We don't limit ourselves to a specific kind of strategy. Instead we use all tools at our disposal to build natural, relevant and highly authoritative links to your site.


How does your pricing work?

Fairness is one of our core values so we tried to create a pricing model that is transparent and based on our performance.

Before we get into link pricing you need to understand that we have a minimum spend per month that starts at $3000. This is the amount you need to allocate on a monthly basis on a per project basis. We don't work on projects with a lower monthly budget.

That said your monthly budget works as credit and whenever we build a link, the price for that link is deducted from your credit.Each link has it's own price, based on Ahref's Domain Rating (DR) of the linking domain. We use DR as our pricing metric because it is industry standard and easy to understand.So the stronger (higher DR) a link is, the more expensive it will be and vice versa.

The price of that link will be deducted from your budget each month and we will continue to build links until the budget is used up.If we ever fall short of using all your budget, the remaining credit will roll over to the next month. If you decide to cancel we will refund the remaining credit back to you. So you never overpay and always know what you paid for.

Sounds fair?


How Does Payment Work?

We currently accept payments by credit card via Stripe. When you start an order with us, it automatically sets up a Stripe subscription which will charge you on a monthly basis until you stop working with us.


How Will My Link Building Report Look Like?

We offer real time reporting for all our clients. When you sign up with us you get access to your own customer portal where you can communicate with your project manager as well as check your reporting at any point.

Whenever we build a link, this report will get updated immediately with all the relevant information like anchor, DR, target page etc.

Other Services

Do You Offer White Label Link Building?

Yes we do, under certain conditions. Your clients need to be in the SaaS space and you need to be ok with how we work (we see ourselves as a full service agency so micromanaging our link building process won't work for us). If you believe you are a good fit, please request our pricing here and start the conversation once we reach out to you.